miércoles, 21 de noviembre de 2007

Previously on 24...

...24 is the number of hours in the day, 24 is the number of hours Jack Bauer has to save the world (for the sixth or seventh time), 24 is the number of eggs you get if you order two dozens, 24 (BC) is the year in which Caesar Augustus became Roman Consul for the tenth time, 24 is the number of wells in a 24-well-plate, and 24 is also the number between 23 and 25.

And because I am turning 24 thursday next week, I would like to celebrate with YOU, in the greatest 24th-birthday-party, combined with a 'house-cooling' party, given that I am moving soon. So block your calendars for Saturday the 1st of December and meet me at Mi calle 29.
"The event will occur between 20.00 pm and ???? am".

I will provide some pizzas and some beer, and after that we can go on partying somewhere else in the Neustadt. I will be very happy if you could manage.

Elena :)

PS. I surely forgot some people, so feel free to spread the information. And, of course, girlfriends, boyfriends, husbands and wives are more than welcome.

Así que ya sabéis, estáis todos invitados... aquí os espero.
A que mola mi invitación????

3 comentarios:

Emilienko dijo...

Haría todo lo posible por acudir. :)

Foncu dijo...

Coolest invitation EVER! Congrats!

marta dijo...

bueno, bueno, si resulta que eres de mi quinta! jejejej
Felicidades por adelantado,por si el dia en cuestion se me olvida (que será lo mas posible) pasarme por aquí ;-)